Helping women stay strong & active regardless of age so they can keep doing the things they love

Cara Tatterton Pilates Classes Are For You If…

You’re feeling a bit creaky as you get older

You don’t feel as strong or as mobile as you used to.

You’re noticing it’s not as easy to do the things you enjoy any more

You’ve been advised by a health professional to do Pilates

Cara Tatterton pilates classes are the perfect solution for you if...


Achieve Freedom in Movement

You want to improve your core strength and flexibility, so you feel stronger and able to move more freely


Find Your Inner Balance

You’re looking for some inner balance to help you destress, unwind and switch off from the chaos of daily life.


Embrace the Joy of Movement

You want an enjoyable way to exercise, that’s fun and where people don’t take themselves too seriously


Take Control of Your Body

You want to take charge of your body & well-being, so you can keep doing what you love regardless of your age.

Meet Your Coach:
Cara Tatterton

I hold a nationally recognised Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates and I’ve helped 100’s of women to move and feel better.

I first started attending Pilates classes to have a bit of time to myself. It helps me to quieten my mind and I always came away with a sense of calm.

I am passionate about helping other women to unwind, stay strong and keep active so they can keep doing what they love regardless of their age.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing women come out of one of my classes feeling better than when they came in.

What My Clients​​ Have To Say...

"Cara is impressive in her approach, putting everyone at ease, promoting self-confidence, and getting to know her class members strengths and weaknesses."

I joined after a very long period of inactivity which resulted in low fitness levels and a lot of aches and pains. My advice to anyone thinking about trying Pilates would be “don’t hesitate”.
"Being coached by someone who can tailor each move to the individual’s need is a huge bonus. In my class one person doesn’t kneel (knee replacement, arthritis), another can’t lie flat, and so on.."

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