Cara Tatterton

Hi! I’m Cara Tatterton.

Years ago, whilst in a full time corporate job, I felt stressed, rushed and anxious. I was looking for something to help me holistically manage those feelings when I found that my village community hall was running a Pilates class. I tried it out and realised that it was a fun, safe and encouraging environment to be in and I decided to go back to class each week.

That hour every week of just concentrating on my body and what the instructor was saying, really helped to relax me and quieten my mind. The focus of mindful movement with specific breathing techniques really helped to reduce my anxiety. Being part of a welcoming and fun community also made me feel safe to be me. I always left class feeling better than when I went in and that feeling would stay with me for a couple of days.

I loved the class, the coach and the community she had created so much that when an opportunity arose to train as a Pilates coach, I jumped at the chance. I saw it as a way to leave my anxiety driven corporate role and move towards a more happy, balanced and peaceful way of life. Now, I am a qualified Pilates expert and have been coaching 100s of women for over five years.

My vision for my small business, Cara Tatterton Pilates, is to give other women a great place to come so they can become fitter, stronger and more relaxed. A place where they can destress and unwind, have a great community to be a part of, and walk out feeling a whole lot better than they did when they walked in.

If you can’t tell already, I am passionate about helping women to stay strong and active so they can keep doing the things they love, no matter how old they are!

Cara Tatterton

Why I'm Qualified To Help You

Health & Fitness Qualifications

🌟 L3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates with YMCA Awards.

🌟 L3 Award for Designing Exercise Programmes for Older Adults with Active IQ.

🌟 L2 Award in Mental Health Awareness with Active IQ

Active IQ

Continuous Professional Development

🌟Pelvic Floor Health



🌟Hip and Knee Replacements

🌟Orthopaedic Conditions for Older Adults