Pilates Classes

Are you ready to improve your strength, flexibility and overall health & wellbeing?

Pilates Classes

As the name suggests, mat-work Pilates is done on an exercise or yoga mat.  You’ll carry out a series of precise and flowing exercises and body movements, whilst controlling your breathing patterns. The main benefits of Pilates are:

✔️ Improve your core body strength

✔️ Flexibility

✔️ Balance

Classes are held in Shepshed and villages around Loughborough (Kegworth, Hathern and Long Whatton). Classes are between 8 and 15 people per class, which allows me to give you more specific guidance when needed.

Classes are suitable for all ability levels as I give plenty of options [alternatives also] for you to make it easier or harder when needed.

Take a look at the timetable to see the range of class times and locations on offer.


Classes run in blocks in line with school term times. During the weeks when classes are not running you will have the option to access the online class library or join our ‘Summer Holiday Program’.

Pay as You Go classes are not available, class block fees are payable before the start of a new block.

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Here’s what the members have to say about coming to class…


I decided to contact you because I wanted to take part in some sort of physical activity when things started to reopen after covid restrictions. A friend sent me a link to your website, and I took it from there. 

As one gets older and particularly during lock down, I feel self-confidence starts to wane. So, I was concerned that it may be too hard for me. 

I found the class welcoming and friendly and Cara is considerate of any health issues the class members have, making sure no one pushes themselves too hard. I found the stretches and breathing particularly good. It is a nice calm atmosphere and very relaxing. 

I would tell anyone who may be unsure to give it a try. 


Since a teenager, I have always had issues with pain in my muscles, joints (particularly in my back) etc limiting my movements and have seen a physio on/off since then. 5 years ago with the help of my current physio, I picked up running. It has helped me to keep moving and improve my cardiovascular fitness. I do have to keep up a range of exercises to keep me flexible, strong etc and a lot of these have some basis in Pilates. 

I came across Cara’s advertisement and it got me thinking. As I’m hitting middle age, I’ve been thinking more about my joint, bone and muscle health and how to strengthen them for the future as I approach the menopause. 

My first class I was a little nervous about what to expect as I’m not at all flexible and do find it difficult not to get distracted. Cara was fabulous and welcoming (as were the other more experienced woman) giving me plenty of alternatives to ensure I got the most out of the class. The hour flew by and what I wasn’t expecting was the mental health benefits. I could fully focus for an uninterrupted hour on myself and my own body and mind. No judgement or comparing myself to others. 

I signed up for a block immediately and now find myself looking forward to my Friday sessions to separate work/home. Over time, I can see how much stronger (physically and mentally) I am becoming. Cara is brilliant at providing alternatives, adding in props, additions for make things harder or easier; I soon learnt that the smaller the movement, the more strenuous it is. Pilates with Cara has something to offer for everyone. You work within your range of movement at your own pace with an experienced teacher to guide you. There’s usually some fun along the way too. 

Pilates & Pelvic Floor Health

Have you noticed accidental leaks occurring when you sneeze, cough or pick up heavy items?

Do you ever find yourself ‘caught short’ when you’re out and about and suddenly realise you ‘need to go’?

You’re NOT alone and you do NOT have to accept that you should suffer in silence!

Weak Pelvic Floor muscles are a common issue among women, with 1 in 3 experiencing a pelvic floor dysfunction.

Pelvic floor dysfunction can lead to issues such as stress incontinence (weeing when you cough and sneeze) and urge incontinence (the sudden and very intense need to wee and being unable to delay going to the toilet).

There are many reasons that people may experience problems with their pelvic floor including…

✔️ The Ageing Process

✔️ Childbirth

✔️ Lifestyle

✔️ Injury or Illness

This course can help you control and improve these problems by teaching you:

✔️ Techniques to be aware of to connect with your pelvic floor.

✔️ Exercises to help you be in control of your bladder.

✔️ Tip and tricks on sneezing without weeing and getting to the toilet in time.

✔️ Better ways to toilet.

✔️ How what you eat, drink or wear might impact your pelvic floor.

Pilates & Pelvic Floor Health Course

This 12 week course runs twice a year and is particularly aimed at helping women experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Six Live Classes

  • Pre-recorded guided routines to help you do the exercises and practice the techniques at home

  • Access to a WhatsApp community for support in between the live sessions

Here’s what the members have to say about the course…


The main reason that I signed up to the Pelvic Floor Health course was to find out more about how I could improve my pelvic floor health and for advice on managing leaks when I sneeze or laugh suddenly.

I’m so pleased that I came along! The course was even more comprehensive than I had ever imagined and completely exceeded my expectations.

I have noticed an improvement in my symptoms. I think the penny dropped when I realised that the more I got anxious I go about a possible leak and the more I tried to dash to the toilet after getting home and putting my key in the lock, the worse I got!

By taking some control, using mind over matter, and letting my pelvic floor know who was boss (me), I began to stop panicking and have been able to relax and control my symptoms much better.

I also no longer fear going places and worrying about whether there is a toilet nearby and so therefore I feel much more relaxed and less apprehensive when I go out, which is wonderful, thank you.

You have a wonderful teaching style, you made each session interesting, informative, relaxed, fun, and light-hearted while giving us all the important tools that we need to improve and maintain our pelvic floor health.

The sessions were really enjoyable, and I looked forward to each week.
If someone asked me whether they should sign up to the course I would say ‘please do, you absolutely won’t look back once you start and you will learn so much about improving your pelvic floor health in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment.

There’s absolutely nothing scary or embarrassing to be worried about’. Cara and all the other members of the group were nothing but supportive, encouraging and friendly.

I’m so pleased that I joined and completed the course with Cara and the group, and it’s made such a difference to my symptoms and my confidence.


I signed up to the course because I had been experiencing some relatively mild urge incontinence issues. This started during menopause. My mother had experienced the same issues and had either not sought help or the help she had received had not worked.

Before attending the course I had assumed my issues would get steadily worse and like her, I would either be totally dependent on incontinence pads or would have to seek surgical intervention. I certainly was not aware of any other help available to me.

I knew about pelvic floor squeezes and wondered how you were going to fill 6 sessions with that! I was not expecting the full holistic mind and body approach.

The information session you ran before the workshop gave some indication of what to expect but the workshop far exceeded my expectations.

I noticed a slight difference quite quickly. I assume this was because of the relaxation techniques. Further improvement followed as a result of all the other techniques. I realised quite quickly that pelvic floor health is affected by so much more than just the pelvic floor muscles in isolation.

Before the workshop I was limiting my fluid intake, going for a pee every time I left the house whether I needed one or not, getting up at least once every night for a pee, very anxious about where the next toilet was when out and about, generally quite pre-occupied with the fear of peeing myself.

I didn’t realise how bad the anxiety was until it stopped. I now feel much more in control, far less anxious and generally happier. I have been pleasantly surprised by the results.

During the course I appreciated the feeling of being in a Safe Space and also that all feelings of embarrassment were quickly forgotten. I was impressed by how honest everyone was prepared to be about their symptoms and experience. The workshop was delivered with compassion and humour.

If someone wasn’t sure about whether to sign up or not, I would tell them how much the course has helped me and I would encourage the person to contact you to get on the mailing list/waiting list for the next one.

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