Seven Things Pilates is not………

It is quite common for me to be asked what my ‘job’ is, when I am talking to people.  When I answer ‘I coach Pilates’ I am often met with statements starting with ‘Oh, is that ……’ followed by a Pilates myth or misunderstanding.

Of all the myths surrounding what Pilates is, here are seven things that Pilates is NOT

  1. Yoga! Although Pilates is sometimes performed on a yoga mat the two are not one and the same.  Pilates is a series of precise and flowing exercises and body movements, based on the method of ‘Contrology’, developed by Joseph Pilates.


  1. Pilates is not simply lying down on a mat, flapping your arms and legs around randomly. Pilates movements are performed with precision and control, focusing on mind-body connection and breath.


  1. Pilates is not simply deep breathing. Whilst breathing techniques are an important part of Pilates practice; Joseph Pilates developed key principles that would underpin all his movements.  These include centring (bringing together strength and focus to the centre of the body), control, concentration, precision, and flowing movement.


  1. Pilates, in isolation, is not going to result in significant weight loss. However, Pilates does help your body to move more freely and this in turn can encourage individuals to move more often and to generally feel better about themselves.  So, when Pilates is combined with more regular movement and good nutrition, it can contribute towards weight loss.


  1. Pilates is not about creating impossible shapes with your body. Pilates is working with the body that you currently have, exploring movements with the aim of reducing aches and pains and increasing mobility.


  1. Pilates is not ageist. My own clients range from ag 44 to age 91.  Many celebrities, elite athletes and dancers extol the benefits that Pilates brings.


  1. Pilates is not usually a high intensity cardio workout. Whilst some advanced movements will raise the heart rate, the overall impact of Pilates is to improve core body strength, flexibility and balance.


Pilates is a wide-ranging form of exercise that works the whole body through flowing movement, enhancing mind-body connection, improving posture, balance, mobility and overall well-being.


But, if you really want to find out what Pilates is like, you’ll just have to give it a go.


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