Are you noticing more aches & pains as you get older?

Not feeling as strong or as mobile as you used to?

Maybe it’s not quite so easy to do the things you enjoy anymore?

Or perhaps you’ve been advised by a health professional to do Pilates?

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Pilates Classes Are the Perfect Solution For You If...

You want to feel stronger and move more freely. Pilates builds core strength and improves flexibility, allowing you to tackle everyday challenges with ease.

You need a break from the daily hustle and bustle so you can switch off, destress and unwind. Join us and find a moment of peace in your busy life.

You’re looking for a fun way to exercise. We’re all about having fun while getting fitter and stronger, and nobody takes themselves too seriously here!

You want to take charge of your body, your health and maintain an active lifestyle, so you can keep doing what you enjoy no matter how old you are.

You’re seeking effective relief from aches & pains. Pilates exercises have been proven time and again to help you feel better and move with comfort.

You want the benefits of a calmer mind and more balanced body. Pilates is the perfect combination of mindfulness, movement, and breathing.

My aim is to help you become and then stay strong and active so you can keep doing the things you love, no matter how old you are!

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What is Pilates, and who is it for?

Here's 3 Reasons to Register Your Interest in a FREE Trial Class …

My classes are small and intimate, so you get the personal attention you need to make progress.

It’s not like the big gyms where they fill the classes to capacity.

My classes are specifically designed to help people just like you to reduce aches & pains and become stronger, more flexible so you move better and feel better.

I’ll show you the safest and most effective way to exercise so you can start feeling better right away, regardless of your starting point.

What my clients are saying:

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always done some form of weekly exercise. In 2018, aged 64 I was finding Zumba difficult as the arthritis in my swollen knees deteriorated.

I tried Line dancing as a possible alternative but that caused me to exacerbate the problem where I had to take time away from it for my knees to recover somewhat. And then through the letterbox came a flyer advertising a ‘free taster lesson’ with Cara Tatterton Pilates. I took that taster, and 5 years later I’m still with her, every Tuesday.

Being coached by someone who can tailor each move to the individual’s need is a huge bonus. In my class one person doesn’t kneel (knee replacement, arthritis), another can’t lie flat, and so on. After a hip/knee replacement there are various movements you just can’t do for a time and therefore Cara always has an alternative position and movement for you. In her class there isn’t anything you can’t take part in.

I still did Pilates without the use of one hand after a Carpel Tunnel operation. She simply guided me through it without pain.

After doing high impact exercise for so long and then switching to Pilates, you may well think it's going to be a soft option. “DON’T UNDERESTIMATE, the power of Pilates”. I say this to people who tend towards, “there’s not enough action in it for me, I need to sweat”.

I see it like this, and now from experience: you can put as much or as little effort as you want into a Pilates Class. No different from a high impact exercise class. Except you are not madly thrashing about.

Pilates is suitable for most everyone.

Come and join us. You won’t regret it.
I first joined Cara’s class a few years ago after spending a year in the QMC with a seriously ill son (now well and at Loughborough Uni). This left me out of step with other Mums and feeling quite alone, yet the moment I stepped into the class I felt welcomed and part of a community. It didn’t matter about age, ability, sex we were all just there to get strong and have a bit of a laugh. It wasn’t about being Pilates/yoga zombies, just hitting the shapes, it was about asking your body to move a little more than it’s used to.

During COVID Cara kept us going with (often hilarious) online classes, which she has kept up, so if you miss a class there are a number of ways you can catch up. During COVID I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and had to undergo massive surgery, thanks to Pilates with Cara I left hospital a week before I was due to, left ITU days earlier than expected and although I have a weakness in my shoulder, my surgeons are astounded how far I have come from such serious surgery.

On a lighter note, at 50 ish you don’t expect to make new friends, but I have; really good friends, including Cara. These classes are for anyone, there are different levels of intensity, she always modifies for body types, I went dizzy the other week and I just did the whole class on my mat. Cara has built a great community and I’m very proud to be a member of it
Cara is knowledgeable in every aspect of Pilates. I was first introduced to her in 2018 when I joined a reformer class she was teaching, later I followed her to mat work classes.

Cara is impressive in her approach, putting everyone at ease, promoting self-confidence, and getting to know her class members strengths and weaknesses.

She gives an excellent explanation which is easy to understand even if you are new to Pilates. Although you will be working to improve your physical condition you will find her classes are calming and soothing. You are guided through each movement where Cara highlights which muscles should be engaging, which parts should be stretching, and of course, breathing. She really helps you focus your mind.

Cara is a joy to listen to, kind, supportive, good fun with a lovely sense of humour.

My personal experience is that of improved posture, strength, flexibility and mobility. After suffering with hip and back pain for many years I am now pain free with improved posture.

To anyone looking to join Pilates I would highly recommend booking with Cara. You will become aware of your body, and your posture giving you the motivation to improve yourself. You will find muscles you never knew you had.
Since a teenager, I have always had issues with pain in my muscles, joints (particularly in my back) etc limiting my movements and have seen a physio on/off since then. 5 years ago with the help of my current physio, I picked up running. It has helped me to keep moving and improve my cardiovascular fitness. I do have to keep up a range of exercises to keep me flexible, strong etc and a lot of these have some basis in Pilates.

I came across Cara’s advertisement and it got me thinking. As I’m hitting middle age, I’ve been thinking more about my joint, bone and muscle health and how to strengthen them for the future as I approach the menopause.

My first class I was a little nervous about what to expect as I’m not at all flexible and do find it difficult not to get distracted. Cara was fabulous and welcoming (as were the other more experienced woman) giving me plenty of alternatives to ensure I got the most out of the class. The hour flew by and what I wasn’t expecting was the mental health benefits. I could fully focus for an uninterrupted hour on myself and my own body and mind. No judgement or comparing myself to others.

I signed up for a block immediately and now find myself looking forward to my Friday sessions to separate work/home. Over time, I can see how much stronger (physically and mentally) I am becoming. Cara is brilliant at providing alternatives, adding in props, additions for make things harder or easier; I soon learnt that the smaller the movement, the more strenuous it is. Pilates with Cara has something to offer for everyone. You work within your range of movement at your own pace with an experienced teacher to guide you. There’s usually some fun along the way too.
I had been struggling with back pain due to Spinal Stenosis. I had previously been a keen walker, but I could not walk for more than half a mile without having to sit down. As a result I became more and more inactive, and my general fitness deteriorated. I knew I needed to increase my fitness and strength, but I struggled to even stand up for more than a couple of minutes. It was then I found out about seated Pilates and it sounded just the job for me.

I carry excess weight and I was a little nervous about whether I would be able to do it and I didn't want to make a fool of myself. I needn't have worried as Cara made me feel very welcome and I was encouraged to work at my own speed and within safe limits for my back.

I can walk much further now, approximately 3 miles before the pain starts. I'm hoping that I continue to improve and progress to standing Pilates as I get stronger.

There is nothing to be worried about so go for it!
I retired at the end of March this year. Having spent years sitting at a desk in chairs that offered me no real support, I was very concerned about my hunched shoulders and stooping posture. Having done a little research, I felt that Pilates could possibly help me to improve my posture.

By chance, I met someone I know who had just been to one of Cara’s classes in Shepshed and she told me that Cara offered a taster class. I left her and went straight to the Church Hall to see Cara. Having never been to a Pilates class before, I was concerned that I would not be able to keep up with the other people in the class.

The pace of the class is just right. I was able to follow Cara’s clear instructions and keep up with everyone else in the class. After the class, I could tell that I had stretched my body and I felt that I had more movement in my neck and shoulders. I really enjoyed the whole hour and left the class looking forward to returning the following week.

Booking a taster class is the ideal way to find out if Pilates is for you. There is no cost or commitment involved. Cara is so welcoming, and you are quickly put at ease.

See for yourself how Pilates can help you, even if you’ve not done any exercise for a while or never done Pilates before.

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